Your gentle gaze upon me, as I lay before you

My hair falls down around my shoulders, as I arch my back reaching for the sun

You are my teacher in my search for new experiences.

You allow me to spread my wings and search for answers

My curious nature is nurtured, my questioning rewarded, with the hidden knowledge only known by so few.

I feel embraced, I feed nurtured, enveloped in a hug that is so strong that it can’t be broken.

This is the kindness, this is acceptance.

It happened to me, and it can happen to you.

Choose discover, choose a new path, choose yourself above others.

It is your choice, choose this kindness.

In the absence of myself

I felt lonely, I was alone

When given permission

I was present

Present in touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound

It brought me back

This is the gift our senses give us.


Ground with senses when leaving your body, leaving reality.

I water the plants daily so that I may feed my brothers.

I enjoy delivering the fruit of my work to others

You will enjoy giving the gift to others.

It is the kindness.

I can see the music allows your soul to dance

It sets you free

It is the dream maker, it is the energy within

Raw expression of feelings, raw expression of hope, love, fear, sadness.

The calmness it brings, the sense of peace.

Music is powerful, poetry is power, put yourself in the zone.

Kindness and joy spreads.

Have you felt the joy of holding a newborn?

Have you been brought to your knees by the bliss?

It is a blessing to experience.

Have you ever felt the sadness of loss?

The shame of failure?

It is a blessing to experience.

It is a blessing.

Do you believe in the kindness?

Do you believe in the power it can hold?

The kindess is not the absence of “negative” or “sad” or

“angry” emotions or energy.

It is acceptance of those states of mind as a human experience.

It is the acceptance of others drifting into that state without being met with your harsh judgement.

It is treating yourself and others with the compassion you would a small injured animal or scared child. Because you are those things.

We are humbled by the greatness of the energy in the universe.

We are accepted by it.

We are part of it.

This is the kindness.

It feels as if my poetry is dead today.

My poetry is my soul.

Nothing matters.

There is no reason.

That is the poetry.

The website tells the story, but not all of the story

Just part of the story, not the whole is a part of me

But it is not.

It is a small part.

movement of kindness.

The way you make me smile.

Oh how you make me smile

There is a breeze in the air when you are around

Like fresh ocean morning fog, your coolness surrounds me

It envelopes me, I am placed inside of it

Yet separate from it, yet still apart of it.

I am one with it, and it is one with me.

You are the glue that holds me within this

You are the conduit

You are the reason

You are the joy

True Love is sweet

It is tastier than any fruits

It is tastier than any sugars

Your love is sweet.

I have a sugar high

When I am around you.

You gave me type II diabetes


I am a spiritual being, I am defined by my quest for kindess and positivity.

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